About Me!!!


My name is Tari and I am in grade 6 also this is my blog.

Weekly I will post some messages about what is happening at school.

My hobbies are swimming and playing tennis.

Please respond and tell me about you!!!


6 thoughts on “About Me!!!

  1. HI Tari,
    My name is Jen. I am your mentor for the challenge. How are you going with the challenge?
    There are some new challenges posted so hoping to see how you go with them.

    • Hi yeah I think for homework I did the avatar challenge and that was fun and I am still working on another one and that is fun I am doing this thing with just pictures and no words.

  2. Dear Tari,
    my name is aiden i like tennis also!! have you ever been to the Australian Open before??? who is your favorite swimmer and tennis player?? I like roger federer and maria sharapova. if you want to check out my bog here is the link

    • Hi Aiden
      I really like your blog and I love your back ground.
      My fav tennis player is the same as your and my fav swimmer is Stephane rice

  3. Hello Tari!
    I like playing tennis too! Seems like we have some things in common

    • Hi Abbey I know and we are in the same team how cool is that are you playing again next year in our team we should called ourselves THE CHARLIE’S ACES

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