100 words challenge

…But it is far too hot…

” Aaaahhhh!! This is so hot I am going to die” said Sally.
“Why did I say to do this I was so stupid” cried Paula.
The 2 girls were on a field trip to the dessert and they were not enjoying it yet.
“I still have about 25L of water in my bag and it is dragging me down” shouted Sally silently
“OMG I can see a 2 humped camel we should ride it and we cane get there faster” cried Paula
The 2 girls were going to find a long lost tomb with king tut in it.


4 thoughts on “100 words challenge

  1. I think there is one spelling mistake in there. Try and use the word two instead if the number 2. I love your writing though. Very imaginative.

  2. Hello Tari,

    Your main characters are clearly feeling “far too hot”! I enjoyed that you chose to communicate most of the story through dialogue.

    Remember to read your writing carefully before you submit and catch little little errors like “cane (can)”, “dessert (desert)” and “King Tut”.

    Keep up the writing!

    Team 100WC
    San José, California, US

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